Construction Efficiency.

Whether your interests in constructing a high performance home are driven by energy costs, environmental impact, or simply comfort and durability, there are a multitude of factors one may consider.

At Prokore, we can provide construction consulting which can assist in determining which factors should be most considered for your individual project and interests. With a complete array of consulting services, from advisory information on available utility and green building programs, to detailed energy modeling and testing of thermal envelopes and heating and cooling equipment, you can be assured of a home that will meet your needs and efficiency goals.

Energy Modeling.

From building plans and specifications, our experienced energy raters can model and evaluate the effectiveness of proposed energy efficiency measures. By comparing proposed measures, one can determine which methods and materials may be best suited for their project goals. Whether weighing performance factors of insulation types, window specifications, or overall design alterations, energy modeling can be an indispensable tool.

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Testing and Commissioning.

Testing and commissioning, while covering a broad spectrum of analysis, is an evaluation process largely used to ensure design specifications have been met. With the inclusion of testing and commissioning, crucial insight can be gathered about a home’s heating and cooling equipment and thermal envelope, to determine if adjustments may need to be made to provide optimal home performance.

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