Minnesota EnergyCrafted.

Build proven energy efficiency into your next home, with Minnesota EnergyCrafted.

Brought to you by Prokore Property Resources and participating builders, the Minnesota EnergyCrafted program uses advanced construction practices combined with leading building materials and independent energy efficiency consulting to provide a higher standard of energy performance. The result is a Minnesota home that delivers improved quality and durability, with comfort and energy savings you can enjoy the day you move in.

HERS Index – The lower the better.

HERS, short for “Home Energy Rating System” is a measure of home efficiency. Here’s how it works: The lower the score, the more energy efficient the home. Typical existing homes have a score of over 100, while new code built homes in Minnesota often score between 80-100. Energy tested homes participating in the MN EnergyCrafted program typically score below 70, whereas Energy Certified homes score no higher than 55 and provide additional green features.


Energy Efficient – Budget friendly bills.

Minnesota EnergyCrafted homes have efficiency built-in. Most homes feature a combination of high efficiency heating and cooling systems, Energy Star certified appliances and careful consideration to insulation and air sealing efforts to lower your energy bills up to 30%.


Healthier Environment – Breath, easier.

An EnergyCrafted home isn’t just efficient but can be a healthier place to live. All homes feature ventilation systems that help improve air quality, reduce humidity, and remove odors.


Improved Comfort – Feel the difference.

All EnergyCrafted homes undergo rigorous inspections and energy testing at key construction intervals by an independent energy consultant to minimize drafts, leaks, and improve insulation to provide a home that delivers better wall to wall comfort.


Energy Care – True peace of mind.

With a Minnesota EnergyCrafted home you get a high performance home with the backing of Energy Care. Energy Care gives you FREE lifetime access to the home’s independent energy consultant to provide support on how to operate and maintain the efficiency of the many systems throughout your new home.

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